As proven in a leaked clip, Firestorm nonetheless embodies a lot of the acquainted traits of battle royale video games. As soon as you’ve got dropped into the map, you must scrounge for gear (sorted by completely different high quality ranges) and fend off enemies as you are pushed nearer and nearer collectively by the namesake Firestorm. You continue to have the possibility of being revived like in most titles, though you will get a Battlefield-style sidearm to fend off folks whilst you’re down.

You will not get the total Firestorm expertise immediately. It’s going to allow you to play in four-player squads or by your self, however duos must wait till April. All the identical, it is a massive step towards fulfilling the targets DICE and EA set for BFV final 12 months. The timing is not all that very best, although. EA’s different battle royale sport, Apex Legends, continues to be going gangbusters — it could be tough to reel folks right into a paid sport when Apex gives loads of thrills totally free.

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